Tuesday, July 11, 2006

June Allyson is dead

June Allyson has died at the age of eighty eight. I'm more sad than I could tell you.

I adored this superb actress. I first noticed her in Little Women and was hooked.

Click here for the news story.

There's another fabulous angel in heaven today, dear reader.


Dan said...

Seems the founder of Pink Floyd - Syd Barrett also died today.
Sky News Report

Dan said...
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A Novelist said...

OH NO! I've been busy all morning and have not had the chance to look at the latest news yet. She was such a nice lady.... :(

Jay said...

Such a likeable actress. Always gave the impression that you would just really enjoy her company. I loved her in the Glenn Miller Story, and I am not a Jimmy Stewart fan. But, the music is great, and she is just her wonderful self.

Minge said...

She was fabulous. It's sad that all the fabulousness of Hollywood is passing away.