Friday, July 07, 2006

Gay, gay, gay!

Have you seen Jake Gyllenhaal's deliciously hairy chest, dear reader?

No? Then check it out!

What would you give for a taste of that?

And is he gay or not?

Tell me, damn it!


Please also check out Perez Hilton. It's fabulous.

Oh, and I'd like to add some more fuel to the John Barrowman circumcised fire. I'm just looking for an excuse, really. People find my blog on a daily basis, looking for information on Jo
hn Barrowman's circumcision. And they're usually from Australia! I know! Look, dear reader, he's not circumcised, ok. Sorry. And I don't think there are any naked pictures of him out there or any pictures of his cock. I'm dreadfully sorry, but there's nothing more that I can do. I'd write to him and ask him to pose for the camera, but I think I'd be wasting my time, quite frankly.

Unless Juggerpix wants to try his hand?

I wonder if a petition is in order!?

Who would you like to photograph in the altogether?

You know, that might be another good theme for Alan's photography competition
! Whadya think?

I can't wait until the weekend to find out who's the winner. And it's not too late to submit your entry, if you want to take part. You've got until Saturday (tomorrow) basically as all entries must be in by Sunday.

If you're the winner, you get to choose the next topic. So, please, if you are the successful one, please suggest nudity for the next theme! Please!

If you're a cinema-goer, you might find this interesting. I hope The Yacoubian Building comes to Edinburgh. If it's showing near you, please see it, if you can.

Oh, and another thing. It would seem that Michael Owen has almost ten inches down there. Check this out and look at the comments. It's fabulous.


Blog Off said...

I can't see Jake being gay, sadly

Minge said...

But we can dream, hen.

Juggerpix said...

Try my "hand"? Was that innuendo? :)

No no no, Juggerpix doesn't do nudes. I was asked to shoot a local stripper once for her "publicity" shots (apparently strippers send out nekkid pictures of themselves to places they want to strip at), and I refused.

Reasons being...
A. Strangely enough, I don't like taking pictures of people, I get uncomfortable... B. Think how uncomfortable I would be if they were naked... C. Yes, there was the fear that I would get aroused by her, and have to do the whole shoot in a squatting or sitting position.

Minge said...

Hand!? No, just as slip of the tongue.

What? Another Freudian slip???

Juggerpix said...

Ha ha hahaha! I think Brian's story was a bad influence on you!

Minge said...

I'm a bad, bad boy. I'm sure I deserve a spank.

2xLife said...

Ah Jake... we'll always have brokeback.