Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Is John Barrowman circumcised?

Ok, I confess, I'm now curious about John Barrowman. More to the point, I'm curious about his dick. Why was someone searching the internet to find out if he's circumcised?

So I just did a wee search myself.

Here's what I found in sites and images.

The first web site in the list of results is from 1996 - and seems to intimate that John is on the bi-bus!

The second web site is a crock of shit.

But I have found out a number of things. John Barrowman is NOT circumcised. So, whoever the person was who was looking for such information or imagery: There are no photographs of John Barrowman's cock on the internet and he's uncut. You may find more info by clicking here, but I don't think the images are of John. Because... One of the other things I've found out is that (and this is no surprise to Minge) he's got a massive dick.

I've also found out John was in the musical Hair! Hurrah! Something that links him to Army Of Lovers (they did a cover version of Let The Sunshine In).

I'd also like to say a few things to Al Weisel.

Al, John's not only recognised in England, you know. He's recognised in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, too. Strange as it may seem, We also have televisions here, running water and electrickery. We don't ride around on Highland Cattle, sacrifice our first-born son and most of us aren't ginger. Britain is not another word for England. We live in The United Kingdom OF Great Britain And Northern Ireland. This incorporates England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Wee wain is not little boy. Wee is indeed small/little, but wain does not mean boy. Boy is boy or lad/laddie. Wain means wee one.

Stick that in your pipe. And smoke it.


Brian said...

Yes, this pretty much jives with what I know of JB.

The one with him in the nappie is one of my favorite pix of him.

Minge said...

It's fabulous.

The Pirate of Selby Avenue said...

Erm, for those of us in the Jesusland, the country fomerly known as the USA, who the deuce in John Barrowman?

Anonymous said...

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Rebel Without a Cause said...

Hi Minge:
Thank you very much for the geography lesson. Sadly, in the U.S. we are given as little information as possible about the rest of the world, which you may already have gathered from some of the things our President says. But I have, in fact, done a bit of traveling and have even visited your part of the world with my late aunt who hailed from Glasgow. So I know from first-hand experience that you have television, running water and electrickery (by which I assume you mean the Electric Brae, which still has me baffled). I also learned that people in Scotland do paint their faces blue just like in the Mel Gibson movie, but that might have something to do with the fact that it was around the time of the World Cup (my condolences). I'm sure my aunt would have been quite upset with me for mangling the definition of of "wee wain" though I believe that is what John told me it meant. I hope this doesn't mean I am no longer welcome in your fair country as I do hope to visit again some day.
Take care,
Al Weisel

Anonymous said...

Well said mate. I hate it when ppl think that england is another name for the uk scotland's obviously better. dnt no if knew this but john barrowmans scottish too . i must say tho i'm scottish n i do have red hair n blue eyes n really pale skin n i burn like a tomato but most of my mates have dark hair n can tan.

Anonymous said...

By the way...JB's not circumcised. For those of you interested. :)

Cláudio said...

He's not just bi, he's openly gay. Which is awesome.