Saturday, May 13, 2006

Whit a day!

I'll make it brief as I'm off to bed.

The day started with all good intentions... Now that we've got the units in the lounge, we can fill them. So, boxes that were stored in the spare room were emptied and sorted. But you know what it's like when you sort/tidy - you get in a bigger mess before you reach that point of tidiness you so desired.

We were at that half way point when I noticed Mary licking her inner thigh. She'd been doing it all day, but I hadn't paid much attention because, without being too graphic, she'd had an upset tummy earlier that morning. After a close examination, I found she had a huge hole in her leg!

We took her to the emergency vet and to cut a long story short, she was soon fixed up.

We came back home, the place was still (and is still) in a mess, but there was no time to tidy. We had to prepare our evening meal and watch Doctor Who! Get your priorities right!

Shortly after eating, I got the shakes, felt sick, had hot flushes... Was I going into labour?

No, not the now.

I still have some anti sickness tablets given to me after my operation. I took a couple and it soon passed off. I still feel like shit, though, so off to bed I go.

My daughters will sleep with me tonight.

Poor buggers.


Brian said...

Hope you're feeling better. We'll talk Cybermen once I'm back in MN and have had a chance to watch the new ep.

Blog Off said...

how the hell did she suddenly get a hole in her leg?

Minge said...

She tripped on a bloody stick while running through the woods in the dark.


A Novelist said...

Ouch, I hope your little one is feeling okay...

Minge said...

She's really poorly and feeling quite sorry for herself. We were at the vet agian today. The wound is still as raw and angry looking. :(

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Minge said...

Greetings to you, too.

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