Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Robbie Williams dances

Is Robbie Williams recording a secret dance album?

Click here to read all about it.

He's apparently been working with Pet Shop Boys, William Orbit and Mark Ronson.

Any truth in the rumour?

Answers on a postcard, please...

Personally, I hope this is true. I'm not a fan of his more hardcore/rock musical persona. His solo work has hardly been an organic follow on to his Take That days. I did like Take That, but I felt they were a victim of production-line pop. I thought Robbie, especially after recording Freedom, might break free of that and go his own way. It seemed he did, but not the way I hoped he was going to go.

Oh, and please, Robbie, if you're reading this: please come out! You can't be straight, you really can't!


AlgulSiento said...

So did you buy a ticket for the Take That tour Minge? A friend of mine went to a show about a week ago I think, and said it was great. Apparently they had a holographic Robbie, which sounds a bit cool. It does make me think of the big holographic Laurence Olivier head from the musical Time though...

Minge said...

I heard about the hologram. If only I'd known this, I might have gone to one of the live shows.

I just couldn't bring myself to see Take That without The Robster. It would be like going to see your Granny with her arms cut off.

gab said...

interesting roy i didnt know u were a fan! janette and i are going next week!

i think hes a bit bi btw