Friday, May 12, 2006


My Quiz

How well do you know Minge?

  1. Which of the following have I had?

  2. Piles

    Heart attack


  3. Which is my favourite pop group?

  4. Pet Shop Boys


    The Rolling Stones

  5. Who is my #1 idol?

  6. Judy Garland

    Edith Massey

    Liza Minnelli

  7. Which of the following animals have I not kept as a pet?

  8. Gerbil



  9. When I get over excited, what do I do?

  10. Vomit

    Blow a raspberry


5 points - you're my best friend
4 points - you've measured my inside leg
3 points - you wanted to see my bottom but I turned you down
2 points - you've seen me in Tesco
1 point - you've heard of Fabulous Minge but have no understanding of the concept
0 points - It's time you took your own life


Brian said...

I scored for and I haven't touched your inner leg.


Voix said...

I got a three. Must be the boobs.

Minge said...

Everyone wants to touch Minge. And boobs.

Blog Off said...

i got 3... was a rat you didn't have? Where did you get this fabulous quiz? I'm going to steal it for myself! You're getting very clever at these posts now!

Moncrief Speaks said...

I got 3/5 and I don't even know you.

He got the quiz from my blog, Alan, I reckon, and I got it from someone in Australia so it's making its way around the world. Quizzes are fun, fun, fun.

Minge said...

Oh, Alan, it's all thanks to you!

Follow the link to get your own quiz once you've taken the quiz and got your score.

And yes, you're right, I've never had a rat (apart from that boyfriend I don't care to mention).

Moncrief, I did indeed get that quiz from your blog. Did you see I'd taken yours? Who are you, btw?

Moncrief Speaks said...

Who am I?


Seriously, I'm a friend of Brian's. Hi Brian. Brian likes to say mean things about people, but don't pay any attention to him.

Minge said...

I've heard a lot of shocking things about Brian, but the most shocking is this: he speaks with his mouth full.


Brian said...

And this is where you're all coordially invited to get bent.

Minge said...

I'm bent already. What now?

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