Monday, May 08, 2006

Dans la ville

I was in the city today.

It was a fabulous day, quite warm and not a cloud in the sky. I popped into HMV to buy lots of singles (I'd already sold them and made a killing on ebay) and then trolled about the streets, browsing in the shops and listening in to other people's conversations.

I think it's quite strage that people will talk at such a volume about things that should really be whispered. One woman was telling her friend or work colleague that her husband isn't interested in sex with her so she's encouraging him to buy porn mags. A wank might get him interested in fucking her again.

Another lady, in Princes Street Gardens was on her mobile 'phone. She was telling someone that she's got a rash down her undies and it's really itchy. I didn't hang around long enough to hear the rest of the gruesome details. I was just walking past.

Then I sat on a bench to have a smoke. Well away from the mobile 'phone woman.

A person, whom I perceived to be from Japan, asked me for a light. I took out my lighter and went to light it, only to have him snatch it from me.

"Are you on holiday?" I asked.
"No," he replied with a thick Edinburgh accent. "I live here."

I'm sure he spoke with a Japanese accent when asking for a light.

I felt really stupid after that. Almost racist. You know, you see someone in Europe who's not caucasian, and presume they don't belong here.

Not fabulous.


A Novelist said...

I loathe people who feel the need to broadcast, at loud volumes, their personal lives to everyone. That happens a lot here in NYC...on the street, on public transportation, in stores/restaurants...Disgusting!

Oh, and actually there is a website devoted to this topic:

Check it out for a fun read. :)

Blog Off said...

fab... you're a racist queen!

Voix said...

Minnesotans do that "assume the people of color don't belong here" thing all the time.

Don't feel bad.

I hate that TMI conversation thing, too.

We still love you, Minge.

Minge said...

I didn't mean it. I really didn't. And I always tut when people ask non caucasians where they're from - when they have a British accent. Now I've (kind of) done it! But really, I'm sure he spoke with a Japanese accent in the beginning. I was going to gush about the place! I feel so terrible.

Michèle, love you, too.