Sunday, May 07, 2006

All my troubles seemed so far away

Yesterday (for it is past mignight), a trip to Bum & Quim was in order. Minge was feeling green fingered (I often feel fingered, but not often green) and cheap, so off to the bargain basement DIY superstore.

Plants there are cheap. They stack them high and sell them low. But - and it's a B I G but - they only stock the really common (I simply can't bring myself to say popular) plants you tend to see every day. You'll never go to Bum & Quim and see something you've never seen before.

We stocked up on the usuals, Busy Lizzys, Fuschias, Lobelia and the odd pelargonium. The one thing we were after, they did not have, trailing Petunias (or Surfina). Four shops later and we'd tracked some down.

The boot of the car was full.

On returning home, I potted up the hanging baskets and containers (with wild mathematical equations pumping through my brain). I had to be so careful to sue the plants evenly and not get two types/colours close to one another. It all went horribly wrong in the end. I had one Busy Lizzie too many and was short on one Lobelia. Never mind. It is only I who will notice.

I'm so tired now and my back is killing me.

I think Summer's on its way.


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