Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Musical musings

Isn't it about time Sade released something? Not that I'm much of a fan, per se, but I do love the two albums I have by said woman in my collection. She's not a trend setter. You can't put her name and that fabulous old cliché broke the mold in the same sentence, but there's something about her recordings which make her quite unique. I can't put my finger on it.

I like putting my finger on it.

As a younger person, I had such difficulty spelling mold. I never knew if there was a u in it or not. My dictionary was well used as a youth. Now, in my early twenties, I use an online dictionary. I use it. I use it a lot.

Why does Miguel Brown have a man's name? And why can't I find any photographs of her when I do a google image search?

Why was Blogger down all this morning? Why is it down for at least an hour every day? Do the engineers know when I'm trying to upload something and fuck me over on purpose?

Why am I constantly told document contains no data?

Why have I got high blood pressure?


A Novelist said...

Whew! And I just thought it was me having a problem with Blogger! I kept readjusting my Internet browser settings to no avail. Stressed me out!

Yeah, Sade needs a new album...so does Seal.

Minge said...

They should do a duet!

What about something funny? A comedy duet would be fabulous. They should do a cover version of Come Outside.

Enda P said...

Try 'Miquel Brown' - she's lovely.

Enda said...

And she's Sinitta's mum. Or something.

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