Monday, May 15, 2006

Good idea. Why don't I steal it? Part III

Ok, Elisabeth recently had a post on her blog entitled The top ten reasons why it's great being Claire's Mom.

Elisabeth, you're my inspiration.

The top ten reasons why it's great to be an outrageous poof:

10. All the rooms in your home are tastefully decorated
9. You have all of Nigella Lawson's cookbooks
8. You know not to wear polka dots and stripes together
7. No-one's ever going to ask you to join a PTA
6. You can comment on the use of condoms from, ahem, both sides of the debate
5. You get to say, "Fabulous!" a lot
4. Your Mother can sleep well at nights without worrying you're getting someone pregnant
3. You don't need the lyric prompt when singing "I will survive" at a karaoke party
2. You only have to endure children for minutes, not years
1. The sex is brilliant


Voix said...

Jealous now. Very jealous. Lesbians aren't nearly as much fun as you outrageous poofs. They're always very serious and intense and they have very bad haircuts.


Great list.

Minge said...

Oh, no!

Serious and intense is good.

It's good to be superficial sometimes, but there has to be a balance.

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Minge said...

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