Monday, May 01, 2006


We went for our walk up, along and over the Pentlands. After a detour.

Sunday was meteorologically challenged. Getting into the car, looking up at the grey sky, looking at the temperature gauge on the dash board displaying only seven degrees centigrade... We decided not to go up such a tall hill, but somewhere nearer to sea level, somewhere, perhaps with a forest to protect us from the wind. Back out to West Lothian?

Off onto the bypass we headed, only to see the sun coming out in the west. Now, the weather usually comes from the west, so we headed back east: a walk along the Pentlands would be fine.

Today, it seemed, the weather came from the east.

It was cold, I was worn out, but it was fabulous in a feels-like-your-legs-are-dropping-off-and-your-chest-is-caving-in sort of way.

See what Phyllis has to say about it in his entry, 91 Days - Pentlands.

I'd upload some photographs, but I'll hold off until Phyllis has made a slideshow. I just hope none of me are included as I look particularly bald in this batch. The camera never lies, sadly.

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