Friday, July 28, 2006


Check out the official website for Newtown, Powys.

Scroll down and check out the section headed Council Vancancy Filled (posted 18th July 2006) - then laugh at the name of said councilor. I know I'm childish. You don't have to tell me.


alan said...

I bet she's a rough un.

Moncrief Speaks said...

Those wacky Welsh.

Minge said...

All the Welsh like it rough. Phyllis is half Welsh.

Mark said...

Hi minge, Powys is mid Wales where sheep are sheep and men love sheep also. Down south we just like it any which way it comes, not that often though so sheep could be a good option. he he

Minge said...


What do you call a Welsh man who has sex with Goats?


Lex Ham Rand said...

If you google "ruff cock" you can find the following web page that includes the quote "After courtship Ruff cocks loose their decorative feathers again, and later appear like large hens."

Minge said...

Good lord!

zona boy said...

We make notes of "odd" names we encounter at work. Here's a sampling of actual names.

These were all on official ID and are true names

Cockshott (last)
Mei Kum (first and middle)
Fu K Yu (first, MI, last)
Marvelous Jelly (first and last)

I'm pretty sure the last was not born with that name. She was hot. At least I THINK she was a she.

We had a family named Verga which means "cock" in Spanish in a vulgar slang version. The wife's name was Linda which means "pretty" in Spanish.

Go ahead, put them together.

RIC said...

«Verga» is also Portuguese, has the same meaning, but - now comes the surprise! - is no slang nor a vulgar/obscene word. You find it only in erotic poetry from the century onward til the end of Using that word now sends you all the way up to reveries of a most especial kind...
Zona Boy, the names are explosive!