Wednesday, June 07, 2006


This is Adelle, Rachel's sister.

I think she's a very brave little girl, very strong. She's blind in one eye and for all of ten minutes a day, wears a patch over her good eye in an attempt to get the blind one to work.

How frustrating must that be?

I think the girl deserves a medal.

Adelle could moan and cry all day, begging to have the patch taken off so that she can see. But she doesn't. You don't see such levels of patience and endurance in many seven year old children, let alone those with severe disabilities like this.

I think Adelle is fabulous and is a shining example to us all. She's glad to be alive, glad to have her family, her toys and enjoys making people smile. For the best part of the day, she's blind. But she's happy. Lots of us around the world are a million times better off than her, yet we moan, complain, cry and claim not to be happy. I've got a lot to be happy about and am very happy I had the good fortune to meet such a wonderful girl.

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