Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Paula Page

C'est moi and Paula Bath - though she'll always be Paula Page to me.

It was fabulous to meet up. We chatted about school, the bullies, the closet cases, the dramas, our outrageous follies... It was great.

We left Oakmead in 1988, though on meeting, I had to pinch myself, reminding us that 1988 was a very long time ago and we were no longer there.

Sometimes, school felt like a war, sometimes it felt like a board room, sometimes it was like a package holiday - most of the time it was like a mental institution.


Blog Off said...

Hah! I KNEW she was once Paul Page. There's the proof. Right there on the, erm, Page.

(she's not reading this, is s/he?)

Minge said...

She's not reading it so far. Shall I send her the link?