Wednesday, June 07, 2006


This is Rachel. She is Paula Bath's youngest daughter.

I recently met up with Paula when I was in Bournemouth. We actually met in Boscombe. I hadn't seen Paula in eighteen years and was worried that I wouldn't recognise her. I needn't have worried. She hadn't changed a bit. And I told her so. She didn't say the same to me. Obviously, I have changed quite a bit. I've put on weight, a lot of my hair has fallen out and I've taken to wearing spectacles full time instead of only when looking at the blackboard.

Rachel was a wild child.

I bought her a drink (Ribena) and a chocolate muffin. She licked all the icing off of the muffin, then crumbled up the actual cake onto her plate, all over the table and all over the floor. Then she took some of the crumbs and rubbed them into her face and hair!


Kids do the darndest things!

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