Friday, June 09, 2006


Has anyone ever killed anything/anyone dear to you?

Please click here.

Do you suggest retaliation?

A spell? A petrol bomb? A prayer? Meditation? The planting of a new tree?

I'd suggest an axe, but I'm feeling spiteful today.


Blog Off said...

i've killed things, but never anything dear to me. I'd like to, mind you.

I once had an alcoholic friend and I wanted to kill him... and I knew i'd get away with it. Plastic bag over the head, and all that.

I chickened out though.

Minge said...

Are you serious?

Blog Off said...

of course not!

Blog Off said...

my last comment could be taken either way. let me clarify. No. I didn't want to kill anyone, plastic bag or otherwise. I made it up.

Now, garrotting. That's a different matter.

Minge said...

I have a cheesewire here that you can borrow.