Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Two divided by zero

I just heard Paninaro (I had iTunes on random) and thought about Chris' statement about not liking rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, country and western etc...

What do I like and what do I dislike?

What's Minge all about?

For a start, I'm a Gemini. I don't know if I'm a typical gemini or not as I don't know what a typical gemini is, so I'll leave you, dear reader, to make up your own mind. I'm fickle and loyal, all at once, and that does sound rather gemini, doesn't it!?!? I'm a non-conformist. I'm a leader and a follower. I'm nervous and highly strung. Am I a typical gemini? If I'm your friend, and you're good to me, I'll be your friend for life, but piss me off too many times and I'll never talk to you again.

I prefer flying to sailing.

I get addicted to things easily.

I'm a communicator. I can chat the hind legs off of a donkey.

I don't like hard rock. I love disco.

I'm kind to animals and I think eating meat is wrong.

Having said that, I'm not a political vegetarian. Far from it. I think people should do as they see fit. I'm against abortion, but I'm also pro-choice. I think it should be the mother's choice.

I think I'm a total gemini. Aren't we supposed to have two personalities or something like that? Anti-abortion but pro-choice? That must be totally gemini!

I'm 5'10", I have short cropped brown hair, brown eyes, am average build, eleven stone (I don't know what that is in kilos, sorry) and have very hairy legs. I usually have a hairy chest, too, but I just shaved it all off! I was worried I'd look daft dressed as Our Glorious Leader with a hairy chest.

I'm a total Europhile. I hope and pray that one day we'll live in the United States of Europe. But I'm not as big a Europhile as I like to claim as I don't know how many kilos I weigh. See above. Oh, I think I'm more than a typical gemini. I'm a stereotypical gemini.

I live in Edinburgh with my partner of six years, Phyllis (real name Ian) and our two daughters (they're actually dogs) Meg and Mary.

I like art, namely paintings and offbeat movies. I don't really like watercolour and have never been able to understand why.

I have idols. They include:

Pet Shop Boys
Edith Massey
Our Glorious Leader
Judy Garland
Liza Minnelli

I can't understand people who eat liver and other offal. It boggles my mind.

I like reading. I might read book after book for six months and then not read another thing, not even a newspaper for another six months.

Some people have been known to call me a wanker.

I try to understand religion, but am yet to even get my head around it. I think it's an on-going process. I hope I've got it sorted before I die.

As I mentioned before, I adore Pet Shop Boys. I also love Our Glorious Leader, Kate Bush, Army Of Lovers, Sophie B Hawkins, Bent, Liza Minnelli, Judy Garland, Dusty Springfield, Kylie, Dannii, Samantha Fox (I'm not joking), Billie Ray Martin, Nina Simone, Saint Etienne, Donna Summer, Cher, Kirsty MacColl, The Supremes (better sans La Ross) and Kym Mazelle along with many, many more.

I hate Black Sabbath.

I love Lindt chocolate as well as anything from Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Fance and Germany. I loathe all British chocolate (especially my pet hate: Cadbury) except Galaxy and adore Galaxy Caramel. I also like chocolate covered cinder toffee and turkish delight.

I adore all flowers and love how Spring sweeps into Summer. I can't understand people who claim that the Autumn is their favourite season. They usually cite all the lovely colours. How ridiculous. How can anyone love a season where everything is dying back, the days get colder and shorter and the black days of Winter are only just around the corner? Of course, they don't love the Autumn at all. They're members of the glass half full brigade and try to see good in everything. It's pathetic. Sometimes, there's no good to be seen. Be a realist. Please.

I think it's time I found and listened to No Matter What Sign You Are by The Supremes.

Capricorn, Scorpio, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Cancer, Pisces, Leo, Libra, Airies...!


zona boy said...

That's the best point about autumn lovers I've ever heard. I like summer because the chicks are half naked.

And chocolate? I discovered the one true chocolate religion here in Canada. His name is Bernard Calebaut, he's Belgian, and I can take his chocolate intravenously

Minge said...

Half naked is good. It's better than naked in my humble opinion. Half naked and one uses one's imagination. Fabulous.

Blog Off said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Minge said...

Comment deleted???

Michèle said...

What a lovely post. Rachel was a Gemini. I find Geminis to be completely irresistable.

I hear you're quitting smoking -- GOOD FOR YOU! The first few days/weeks are the hardest, but it can be done. I was a smoker for 15 years, but finally kicked the habit.

Go Minge, go Minge, get busy, kick the heaters. . .

Blog Off said...

it was me who deleted that comment. I was being rude to Zonaboy who said "the chicks are half naked". I then looked at his blog and changed my mind about him.

Great blog, Zona... made me laugh! And great pictures too.

Blog Off said...

wow! this is like a muli time zone conversation in delayed time... but nearly real time.

Can you see me?

Minge said...

Blogger's been down all fucking evening. I'm so obsessed with it, I've sat here clicking on the reload button every five seconds for the past two hours. It's back up now. Yay!