Saturday, June 10, 2006

I get misty

We went out to dinner last night with Tim and Anthony. The venue: The Olive Branch. It was fabulous.

I asked for a Margarita on arrival. They couldn't make one. I don't know why because they had limes on the counter, they had tequila an
d various orange liqueurs. Perhaps they didn't know the recipe. I'd have given it to them, but I'm shy. Don't look at me.

Poor Tim didn't get a drink at all. He wanted gin and bitter lemon. Sadly, The Olive Branch were sans bitter lemon. So that was that. Anthony had a bacardi and coke, Phyllis a gin and tonic. Tim noticed that I was enjoying my Margarita replacement: tequila and orange juice. I drank half of it in less than a minute. I think I was drunk already. This reminded me of when an old pal Barry and I went to a Mexican restaurant, years ago... I ordered a jug of Margarita. The food took so long to arrive, that I was totally drunk by the time we were served. The waiter plonked the food down in front of me and I just laughed, manically. I didn't eat a thing!

I did eat last night, though, and almost everything. I took a long time over the eating, noticing that everyone had finished their main course and I was only mid-way through mine. Why? Because, shamelessly, I'd monopolised the conversation yet again. I do tend to ramble and yabber on. I need to be kept in check.

We did have a laugh though, a very enjoyable evening. We taked about a lot of things, school, Eurovision, The Scottish Parliament's restaurant, lesbianism, people who share our names... Anthony and Tim are very nice people and quite funny, totally fabulous.

Oh, and I ate all my pudding! I was a good boy.

Sadly, we didn't see anyone famous.

It had been a misty day in Edinburgh. We couldn't even see the castle when we got off of the bus on Princes Street. I suppose it wasn't misty at all but foggy. And damned cold! Could it really be June!?!? Christ! I wish I'd worn my big coat last night instead of that bloody flimsy jacket. I had nipples like a blind cobbler's thumbs.

It was still foggy when we left the restaurant and the walk to the bus stop was a nightmare. Cold! We got to said bus stop but decided to walk to the next one as we had a ten minute wait. Standing in the cold and fog was not a prospect to relish. So, off we walked to the next stop, arriving there with a three minute wait for the bus. It was ten bloody minutes late! Shiver, shiver, shiver!

I got home, watched the repeat of Big Brother's Big Mouth on Channel 4, looked for Tourette Syndrome Barbie on the internet, let my ladies out for a final wee wee and went to bed.

We had wine with our meal also, I think about half a bottle each. I'm just not used to drink anymore. I was drunk. I'd say pissed as a fart, but:

a) that's quite vulgar


b) how can a fart be pissed?

I just don't get it.

I thought I'd wake up with a headache this morning, but I didn't. I think I've discovered a way to avoid a hangover, and totally by accident. Have a big glass of pineapple juice before going to bed. Ok, it's probably coincidence, but one never knows, does one.

Oh, and not a fuckwit in sight.


AlgulSiento said...

Thanks for a lovely night guys - it was great to see you, and lots of fun. Next time we must try out the famed tusitala!

ucallmemadam said...

That is a bad picture of me. I look evil.

Minge said...

The camera never lies.

Oh, Tusitala, here we come!