Wednesday, June 07, 2006


There is a common opposite my Mother's house (the green-fronted building in the photograph above) upon which horses live, well, Dartmoor ponies to be precise.

Is a pony a horse?

Anyway, I hate horses. I find them scary and unpredictable.

Why do people like horses? What is there to like? Please tell me because I'd love to know.


stickola said...

Horses are great!
It's great to have something that powerful between your legs ;-)

stickola said...

Oh, a pony is just a small horse. Under 14 hands 2 inches (if I remeber correctly)...pony, over that

Blog Off said...

'scuse Moi!... your mothers house? THAT is YOUR mothers house???? It is FABULOUS! I love it!

Now, I've been all over Winton and I ain't never saw nuffin like that there!

Minge said...


Blog Off said...

aye, Winton... next to B'mouth. Isn't that where your mother lives? She can't be near Knyveton Road after all these years!

Minge said...

Near Winton. Between Winton and Kinson.

Minge said...

Nicola, you're good at horses.

Is that why you married Scott?