Thursday, June 08, 2006

Does God exist?

The centuries old question of whether God exists has been answered for us once and for all by a brave Ukrainian man.

This unnamed 45 year-old philosopher took a rope to Kiev Zoo last Sunday and used it to lower himself into the lions den, where he proclaimed "God will save me, if he exists."

Then one of the lions reached over and grabbed him by the throat, instantly killing him.


Voix said...

I believe that story is more proof of Darwinism than anything.

That guy was a dumbass.

Minge said...

The world would be a very dull place without the occasional dumbass!

Brian said...

OK, see, all I read was the first paragraph abou the brave Ukrainian man and I assumed this was someone who'd hooked up with Alan and came to realize that there is such a thing as heaven on earth.

But then I read the rest of the post and got grossed out.

Holy shit, dude, you're gone for a few weeks but when you come back, you blog with a freakin' vengeance.

How do I bike from Fort William to Glasgow?!

Minge said...

I'm on the case about the bike ride from Fort William to Glasgow...

Alan is heaven on earth? Is love in the air?

I have to blog, blog, blog... I need to keep m y mind off of the fags and I have to make up for two relatively blog free weeks.