Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I've been trying to come up with some lyrics for more Rumours Of Whores songs. I'd been getting nowhere fast, so decided to look back on things I'd abandoned. I try and think in some kind of poetic form to begin with and then attempt to develop that into a lyric. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes I fail.

Some while back, after listening to Jealousy by Pet Shop Boys, I felt inspired to write this:

Takes its toll on me
Drives me from sanity
Round the bend
To lunacy
I wish that I
Could get away
You know any price I'd pay
So I could turn to you and say
I never cared anyway

I felt like a rebel at the time. It's unconventional. The syllables form no rhythm and there are ten lines. I felt quite good about that, but as a song, it's still a failure.

Then this:

In the night you came to me
Waving, mournful, from the shore
The fiery glow of treachery
Was not put out beneath the sea
From sparks in breaking every lock

The filthy devil set him free
With gnashers 'round each probing cock

I try.

But fail.

Still, we press on, dear reader. I am British, after all, and if nothing else, my upper lip is stiff!

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Bill S. said...

Hey, I like them. Honey, these are no worse than Morrissey's early lyrics. All you have to do is yodel at various intervals, and they;d work fine.