Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Today, dear reader, is the sixty second anniversary of the liberation of the Channel Islands.

My Mother left her home in Guernsey in June 1940, spending her formative years as an evacuee in the North West of England. She returned, with the rest of her family, on 1st January 1946.

She would be horrified to learn that the British government saw the islands as unimportant specks in the English Channel and, undefended, made no attempt to stop a German invasion. They were certainly important to my dear Mother as your home is important to you, my little maid.

Some of her memories have been recorded and are available to view on You Tube. There are seven segments in all. If you'd like to see the first, please click here. The others are easily found from that point.


Lewis said...

There's nothing quite like being I'm sure you're mom can attest to. I loved the videos.

Moncrief Speaks said...

That's an under-told story, that there was a part of British territory occupied by the Germans during the war. Your poor mum!

Anyway, glad it all turned out okay in the end.