Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Today marks the 300th anniversary of the fabulous Acts of Union, which merged the two kingdoms of England and Scotland.


How much do you know about this momentous event? The BBC invite you to test your knowledge with this quiz:

Act Of Union Quiz.

Sadly, the United Kingdom may not last much longer, dear reader, if Alex Salmond and his vile friends get their way. Enjoy it while you can.


matty said...

I don't test well.

Funny, because I believe I might possibly know everything.


Minge said...

That's a shame, Matty. I got 8/10. What was your score?

Brian said...

Alex Salmond looks like a puffer fish.

David said...

5/10 Not bad for an average Michigander I think.

Andrea said...

Well, I got 4. But then, I am a colonist after all. ;)

Moncrief Speaks said...

Vive le UK!