Thursday, May 03, 2007


Yes, thirteen is an unlucky number, dear reader - and may I present thirteen very dubious people. Thirteen reasons not to vote SNP in the Scottish Parliamentary and local elections today.

A party that is propped up by, funded by and littered with homophibic bigots and a man who thinks it's perfectly alright to hit his wife is a party that does not deserve to govern this beautiful land.


According to most opinion polls, the SNP look likely to become the largest party after today's ballot. It's a scary thought, but it might happen. If so, would the last person to leave Scotland please turn off the lights.

Thank you.

Oh, and by the way, I weigh exactly twelve stones today.


Brian said...

Alyn Smith's a closet case. You can see it in his eyes. Expose his hypocrisy, Minge!

Minge said...

I had an affiar with him in the 1990s.

Minge said...

Although Angus is an utter cunt, I will express my love for the word "fondle" - it's fabulous.

Minge said...

I remember a boy running around the playground in primary school, not knowing what the word meant, saying to other boys, "Fondle me."

Kapitano said...

And did you?

Or was that boy...yourself?

RIC said...

Hello, dear Minge!
I hope everything turns out the best way possible for you and your most beautiful country/nation: Escócia!!! I do wish for the best!
And - just by the way - I believe you're the only blogger friend of all who knows what Mendonça really «means» for me... What a clever friend you are!...
Thank you so very much!

zona boy said...

fondle is fun. I found some old pics of you back in the day and posted them. Check'em out

carioca said...

Well, we can see crazy polititians don't exist only in the U.S.A.
Here in Brazil there are some of them also.

Just a Girl said...

Is twelve a good or bad thing?

word verification: dnrxo...let me die love? :)

Minge said...

The boy was me, aye, Kapitano.

Not clever, Ric, just a good memory.

Zona, everybody loves a fondle.

Carioca - who's the craziest politician in Brazil?

Twelve is a good thing, hen.