Friday, May 18, 2007


I remember Christmas 2000. We spent it in St Boswells with Ian's parents and his brother. It was a wonderful day. So different from the Christmases I was used to in Bournemouth: shouting, screaming, rows.

How lovely to spend the day in a calm way with a feeling of serenity, though a gentle sense of excitement bubbling up within me.

The next day, Boxing Day, we jetted off to St Lucia, escaping the snow in Edinburgh for a fortnight in the sun.


Lewis said...

Funny to see pics and stories from another season.....when it's beautiful and warm outside, and then Christmas! I love that St. Lucia part! Today???? Bags are packed.

FiL said...

I think that second photo is the most darling image that has ever been graven. It has made me grin from ear to ear.