Monday, May 14, 2007


I am no beer drinker, dear reader. Up until a few years ago, not one drop had ever passed my lips. Then we went to Belgium and I tried Hoegaarden. Not long after this, Phyllis and I went for a night out in Glasgow with the fuckwits. Not only was there no gin to be had (bizarre, in a gay bar of all places), there was no campari either. What was a boy to do? I tried Stella Artois. Nice! And not cheap rubbish. Only the best will do for Minge.

In my entire life, though, I would guess I've probably drunk about fifteen pints of beer in total. Yes, that's right. Fifteen pints of beer during the course of my entire life.

You can imagine my reaction, then, hen, when completing an online questionairre, I was confronted with the question as detailed above.

People have beer with their breakfast?

The world, my little maid, is truly an outlandish place. By the way, if you'd like to get paid for completing online surveys (as I do) - please
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Kapitano said...

Beer for breakfast? I once studied with some Polish students, and they has vodka for breakfast.

Not with breakfast. For breakfast.

I'd like to visit Poland. Home of Lukas Ridgeston and some really grand catholic architecture.

Conortje said...

You should pop over this away some time- there's a bar near by with over 300 types of beer - that way we can find exactly what you like. Can't say we'll remember the next day though.