Friday, May 04, 2007


Guten morgen!

About two thirds of the Scottish Parliamentary election results are in, dear reader. Labour are ahead by a nose, but that all looks to change with the SNP continuing to make headway.

I stayed up until 02:30 to see the results come in. Sadly, one can only take so much waffle. The big news stories of the night were not the results themselves, they were few and far between, but the numbers of spoiled/rejected ballot papers, a ferry getting into trouble in the Clyde, a helicopter unable to fly and a mad-man with a golf club at a polling place in the West of Edinburgh.

Even Glenn Campbell couldn't keep my eyelids open.

It looks like Alex Salmond will be our next First Minister. This is the dawning of a new age for Scotland, an age where homophobia, wife-beating and the fondling of teenagers are acceptable. Welcome to the world of Alex Salmond, something of a Fourth Reich.


Brian said...

Does it make you feel any better to suggest that any wound up as tightly as Salmond is bound to have a heart attack within six months?

Sorry things are not making you happy. The Scottish elections have been on the local news (Minnesota Public Radio). They spoke to a pro-SNP Englishman. I prefer your version of what's happening.

hotspot_fortaleza said...


Minge said...

I'm just dying, here.

Bill S. said...

Sorry, hon.