Saturday, May 26, 2007



Some weeks ago, while shopping in Waitrose, I bought two bottles of Fentimans pop. One, dandelion and burdock, the other, cola. Not average beverages, though, dear reader! These are apparently olde worlde versions of their post modern selves. The dandelion and burdock is actually brewed, for Christ's sake! Ok, so the amount of alcohol therein is negligible. So much so, I'd imagine anyone might have to drink two hundred pints before getting even slightly merry. Of course, by that point, all the sugar consumes will have resulted in some dreadful medical nightmare, being slightly merry might actually be a help.

Full-sugar drinks scare me, my little maid. Fat doesn't, but sugar does. I avoid it at all costs. Artificial sweeteners can replace sugar without any ill effects. I'm yet to find a fat free alternative to any of my favourite foods that's at least edible. Flyte? I'd rather die.

The cola and dandelion and burdock sat in my refridgerator for at least two weeks, if not three, maybe four. Today, in the midst of my vile cold, I decided to try one. Cola! I was hoping for a new taste sensation, something fabulous. I thought I'd be comparing this drink to Coca Cola, the way some people compare fillet steak to Spam.

It was nothing special.

Full of aches and pains, I sat, drinking my cola, and watched Brokeback Mountain while Ian did some more back-breaking work in the front garden.

My head is in some state, packed with snot. It's killing me.

The evening was taken up with television: Human Nature, which, I think, is the best Doctor Who episode ever made, Doctor Who Confidential, the final thirty minutes of Brokeback Mountain, some extended advert on Channel 4 and now blogger, looking to see if there are any new Haikus and completing Ric's meme.

The rules:

Post a similar entry to this one and add a link back to the person who tagged you.

List five reasons why you blog about the things you blog on your blog.

Choose your five tag victims and tag them nicely.

Write a comment on their blog letting them know that you tagged them.

  1. I have nothing better to do.
  2. I adore the interaction.
  3. Philosophical issues stir me.
  4. I don't eat breakfast (if I did, scarily, I might actually write about it).
  5. I'm obsessed with poo.
I'm tagging Alan, Alan, Voix, Brian and Lost Boy.

I, though, am breaking the rules and informing no-one that they've been tagged. I'm a rebel today.

I thank you.


RIC said...

Thank you, Minge! You hadn't to, anyway... I only did it for private reasons.
I wish you a quick recovery!
Have a peaceful Sunday! :-)

Voix said...

Hope the snot evacuates quickly. I'll get to that list in a bit.

Old Cheeser said...

I agree, Dr Who was fabulous, the best episode in a very long time - well plotted, great characterisation, excellent period etc. I hope part two lives up to part one.

I used to love Dandelion and Burdock - bit of a guilty pleasure really - very nice with fish and chips!