Saturday, May 12, 2007


Enjoy fondling responsibly.

Good evening mes amis! Oh, Danny Boy, Ich bin der Teufel!

Eins, zwei, drei... Tanzen!

Saturday, Saturday, everyone loves Saturday! And a Saturday like today could hardly get any better. There's Haiku Saturday to play, the study to tidy and a good night on the telly! Yes, so, ok, Doctor Who has been postponed for seven days, but only to make way for the Eurovision Song Contest! So there will be no slashing of wrists tonight! Only high campery, indeed!

But who will win?

It's probably anyone's guess. Up until this morning, I was inclined to lean in Latvia's direction, but I woke up with silver lamé and glitterballs on my mind. And this can mean only one thing. Verka Serduchka is going to take the prize with this: Dancing Lasha Tumbai! The UK, sadly, will come last with next to no points for Scooch's effort is absolute rubbish. It's a shame, really. It might have won if this was 1995. And one of thier number is a twenty seven year old who looks like he's in his early forties. I'd advise him to lose weight, but that's the pot calling the kettle black, so I won't. Still, it's not all bad. He's got a massive cock and comes from Bournemouth. Curiously, everyone born in Bournemouth has got a whopping dick.

Investments can go down as well as up.


Lewis said...

Excuse me, My Dear Minge, but where did you get my picture?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that ugly dyke from Serbia won.

Salty Sailor said...

I am utterly disgusted, yet again, with these results. We should pull out of this competition and rename it "East Eurovision Song Competition".

I remember back in the good old days when only European countries were allowed to participate. Yeah, yeah, so it's now the EBU (european broadcasting unit, or some such shite) but at the end of the day, to coin a phrase...... these cunts are all voting for their neighbours. Or for the nearest country they're hoping to placate. It Is Sickening.

By my scorecard the results should have been the following:

1. Finland
2. Russia
3. Spain

So what? They're my own personal favourites and I know you're all thinking "Where's Ukraine?!?" Since WHEN was fucking Ukraine in Europe?

Dear gawd, I have to go to bed or else I'm going to kill someone.

By the way... I WILL be buying Scooch's CD as soon as it's released 'cos they were outstanding and I'm furious that the so-called Europeans didn't vote for it. I texted in for Finland so I feel perfectly justified in my little rant and rave here.