Saturday, May 19, 2007


I remember Rachel's wedding, dear reader. The Summer of 2000.

Having lived with Russell for a while, he and my cousin's daughter got maried. It was the saddest wedding I'd ever been to. Only days prior to the wedding, Rachel's brother, out with Russell on some kind of stag party, died. Some kind of allergic reaction to alcohol. Toxicity. Something like that. A few pints of lager and a shot of vodka. That's all it took.

The wedding went ahead as planned, though they still had the funeral to look forward to.

It was so unfair - and even now, seeing people blind drunk, Rachel and her family must look and wonder. Why Richard? Why then? Hadn't he suffered enough?

And he had. Born with a cleft palate and hare lip, every year of his short life meant another operation. Just when they'd come to a natural end, just when it's found happiness with a girlfriend in St Helens, he was taken from the world.


matty said...

This is so sad --- and, as I was looking at the pictures I was expecting to read something happy.

I hope that their marriage is doing well and that they are happy.


gab said...

aww thats sad hun xxx

Salty Sailor said...

that's shocking. I woulda called it off, but hey.... we're all different

japanesewhispers said...

That is terrible although I find it strange that they went on with the wedding. People cope with these things in different ways I guess. Incidentally, did you know Annie Lennox had a cleft lip?