Tuesday, March 13, 2007


So, my baby's on the road, doing business, selling loads.

Run, Gladstone, run.

Window On Your World returns for a second outing. Out is better than in, dear reader. Click here, here and here for a look at past performances.

Light and shade. Time and space.

Your name isn't
Stan, is it?

What the hell was the world up to at 17:00 GMT on Sunday 4th march 2007? I'll tell you...!

In no particular order, the submissions...


I'm trying to upload some Michael Bublé songs on to my MP3 player so that I can listen to them at work which I will leave for in about fifteen minutes time. I was unsuccessful. Damn Media Player!


This is actually a few minutes before 1700 GMT, so I cheated a little. I sing at a church choir every Sunday morning, so this is indeed fairly typical of where I am at 11 AM CST.


This is what I was looking at on Sunday 4th March, 1700 GMT.

I was reading the Reader's Digest Encyclopedia of Myths and Legends, in a spot of research for a story. Being a Reader's Digest product, the only Myths and Legends mentioned were those of ancient Greece and Rome. And it got some of them wrong.


Here's my entry. It's of some geese on the canal in Manchester City Centre as we were walking back to the car from the railway station.



This is my lovely housemate, Tony, who appeared in my bedroom and was distracted from his banana by a text message at precisely 5pm on the Sunday. Evidently he is a very popular boy, and he loves bananas. Welcome to my world!

Anjou Wu:

17:00GMT was 11AM here.

I was on a walk with my two hounds when the young one decided that she might want to lick the camera. The snow was beginning to melt and it felt a little bit like spring.


The closest thing to Minge was his website.

I was missing him at 5pm, and every other hour...

Just A Girl:

This is my peanut butter frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3. It was the 4th day running amok in NYC with a great friend and this was one of our TV/movie stops. My feet were done in but my mouth was filled with a bit of heaven :)

It was very tasty indeed.

Moncrief Speaks:

Five pm GMT Sunday was 11 am local time here in Minnesota, USA. At 10 am, I met a friend for brunch at a restaurant that happens to be just steps away from the Mississippi River and the Lake Street bridge, which connects the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, divided by the river. We were done eating by 10:50, and so I walked to and out on the bridge over the river, where I was when the clock struck 11.

Here's a photo looking northward.

You can see the tall buildings of downtown Minneapolis peeking over the trees on the left side of the photo, and buildings on the campus of the University of Minnesota in the center of the photo.

This is looking west towards the Minneapolis side of the bridge.

Another photo looking north, zoomed in a bit.

Just as kidnappers make their hostages hold up a certain day's newspaper to prove that the hostages are stil alive, I took a photo of a newspaper vending machine and the paper inside to prove that this photo was actually taken on Sunday, March 4th. Notice the high snowbank (which is that high due to plowing, admittedly).

A Dairy Queen -- summertime Minnesota's favorite cool treat-seller -- surrounded by snow. (For the record, this last photo was taken a few hours later ... but the others were all taken with a few minutes of 11 am!)


Mum and I were watching Rebecca. I'd just said, "Didn't she play the Mother in Now, Voyager?"

Joan Fontaine rocks my world and Lawrence Olivier was as hot as they came.

I later commented that I thought Danvers was a lesbian. Mum poo-pooed this.


Bill S. said...

Of course Danvers is a lesbian! I have no doubt that this was exactly what Hitchcock intended.

I still don't have a camera. Maybe next time.

Glad you're back, handsome!

Anonymous said...

How sweet Ian is.

Minge said...

I'm glad to be back, gorgeous! And yes, there is something of the of course to Danvers' lesbianism...

Oui, Ian is a sweet pea.