Friday, March 23, 2007


A dog's-eye-view of my Mother's front garden. At night.

I'd hate to be colour blind. How could you explain blue to someone? Or beige?

But, hang on, how do I know that the blue I see is the blue you see, dear reader? And how does anyone know that dogs are colour blind? Or do they see in sepia? Or is that cats? Of course, I could look it up within Wikipedia, but I don't want to know, quite frankly. I love a mystery, I do.

One question, though: is ignorance really bliss?


Salty Sailor said...

I think we should all sign a petition and get a publisher to look at Minge's blog. It would be like a viscious/funny/sweet "bridget" and I'm convinced it would be a top-selling book.

Lewis said...

As terrible as this sounds, and I'd never actually wish for it, I enjoy looking at BW photos....but not really sure I'd like to be color blind. And, I've often thought of the same what you're seeing the same as what I am. Or how do I know that the "blue" you see or talk about is the same one the my MIND comprehends (but doesn't actually see). Way out there, I know.

Salty Sailor said...

um... would you go to bed with me.

No, seriously. I'm gagging. I haven't been naked in the same room with a man since I was in the Ukraine last April. That's a year ago. And I can't even remember his name but i know he was American and LOVED being rimmed.

There's only so much that can do. Is there a man out there who'll put up with me?


(p.s, SOB doesnt' mean SunnoVaBeatch, it just means I'm a sad little lonely critter. Boo hoo)

Anonymous said...

Heh... I'm rather profoundly colour blind, Mingie, and I certainly don't see the world like that. :)

Anonymous said...

That's me, XWiz, by the way. For some reason blogger won't let me post as myself. Poor little colourblind XWiz...