Saturday, March 31, 2007


This, dear reader, is the best Saturday since that Saturday in August 1981. You remember. The one when we found a tenner on the beach and then saw Noel Edmonds on the bus.

Today is better. "But why?" I hear you cry. Let me tell you...

In 1981 only two fantastic things happened. Today, three! Yes!

We popped up to Callendar this morning and to Loch Lubnaig.

A new series of Doctor Who is about to begin on BBC1.


It's Haiku Saturday!

You know what to do... Click here! Go on, you know you want to.

Will this pleasure never end?


Salty Sailor said...

oh boy, are you in for a treat tomorrow night...... make sure you starve yourself as there is going to be loads of food. And bring the dogs too. But they're not getting any dinner, of course!

Tracy is coming too but can't make it til 6.30pm, so dinner will be served then.....


matty said...

ok. i really need to figure this whole Dr. Who thing out.

tho, i worry that i enjoy stuff like French & Saunders, Nighty Night and Mary Hartman Mary Hartman more.

we don't have cable, but I see that a channel airs Dr. Who here in the Bay Area (tho those episodes appear to be from that great Saturday of yours in 1981)

kisse -- have fun!

carioca said...

Very beautiful pics!

RIC said...

Thank you very much, dear Minge, for your very kind words! They meant a lot to me. I think I'll be «totally back» really soon!
Till then, je t'embrace!
Hugs! :-)

Lewis said...

Dr. Who? Isn't that an old rock band from year ago? And, next time, can we come along with you? I mean, we like ice cream and touring around too.

Bill S. said...

Got it!

You are definitely the sweetest virtual pal a boy could wish for! If I ever breed, I'm going to name my first son "Minge". (And my first daughter "Tits".)

Oh, and for future reference: And I always appreciate presents!