Sunday, April 01, 2007

More Fib Sunday

Sunday is the day of rest, dear reader. But I cannot rest. I have to work out why Russell shiTforbrains Davies is so obsessed with recycling themes, characters, names and stories in his work. It used to be interesting, now it's plain annoying.

But, oh, what better way to take my mind off this vile little man than Fib Sunday?

There is no other way. Well, there's putting my tongue in a plug socket, but it's a waste of electricity, quite frankly.

Incidentally, this is the last ever Fib Sunday. More to the point, my last ever blog entry. Ever. I'm tired of it, to be honest. It takes up a lot of my time, time that should be spent living, not talking about living.

So that's it.

If you don't know what Fib Sunday is, or indeed, what's going on, click here for the original instructions. They are quite fabulous, even if I say so myself.

In brief:

1) I take the topic as given in last week's final entry, write a Fib and give a new topic.
2) Your reply to the topic is in the form of a Fib in the comment section.
3) You then supply the next topic.
4) The next visitor replies with a Fib on the newly given topic and then provides a new topic and so on...

A Fib is a six line, twenty syllable poem with a syllable count by line of 1/1/2/3/5/8. The only restriction on a Fib is that the syllable count follow the Fibonacci sequence. An example of a classic fib:

Spiraling mixture:
Math plus poetry yields the Fib.

Last time, Brian left us with the topic of a fly on the wall overhears a conversation between Edina Monsoon and Andy Warhol. My stylised yet overweight response:

oh -
Said Eddie,
"I'm on a tin can?"
"Yeah," said Warhol. "Beans. Buddhist beans."

Next topic:

1st April 2007


Brian said...

I jest!
Find a joke
and play it on Minge.
Don't trust e-mail you get that day...

Next topic:

finding happiness in the most unlikely of places

Old Cheeser said...

Hello I take it from your Russell T Davies dig that you were less than impressed with last night's series three opener? Oh dear. I have to say I enjoyed it a lot, and thought Freema was great. Okay it wasn't a classic episode and it had its flaws, but...

And what's this about you stopping blogging? Noooooooooooooo!!! Say you are joking!! I love your blog to pieces and your write fabulously with so many weird and wonderful posts. If you go I will cry! Could you not just do less regular posts as a compromise...?? Pretty please!

Although I can totally understand about it taking over your life and needing to focus on other things. The internet should not be substitute for real life. My partner sometimes moans that I spend more time with the computer than him. So one has to beware of these things.

But if you do decide to stop I'd like to stay in touch by email.

OC xxx

Minge said...

April fool!

I am such a bitch.

Minge said...

Hate cleaning!
Most of all, the bog.
Though in rapture when it sparkles!

Next topic:

Naked mud wrestling with dwarves and really tall people, drunk on sherry.

Ian Thorpe said...

There's mud
on my face.
And on your penis.
And all over Larry's buttocks!

Next topic is the shame of losing.

Brian said...

Clenched teeth.
Head hung low.
I just lost ping pong
to a quadraplegic toddler.

Next topic:

the sexiest man alive

Salty Sailor said...

April Fool? You little bitch! I was worried there!

ucallmemadam said...

Just my luck.
The sexiest man?
Left the building without me?

Next topic

The ugliest man alive.

Old Cheeser said...

Ha ha ha ha!! You are indeed a bitch, Mingey poos!! And I am SO gullible. Like Salty Sailor, you bloody well had me going there!!

Of course one glance at the calendar might have aroused my suspicions.

I am nevertheless relieved to hear that you were telling porky pies.

Ian Thorpe said...

and gut
yet fatter
Sir Les Paterson
is the ugliest man alive

Next topic is young Australian of the year.

Minge said...

Can drink
The most beer
And light a barbie
Shall be young Ozzie of the year

Next topic:


Brian said...

is this?
Clouds and rain?
What is it? April?
Oh yeah. It is. Nice day, a fluke.

Next topic:

Minge hikes up Ben Nevis