Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Red, white and blue, dear reader. Fabulous colours, they go together really well.

The Union Flag is not only the prettiest flag in the world because of these wonderful colours but because the flag itself looks like the viewer is looking at something through a kaleidoscope.

It's delicious.

Other versions were propsed. You can view them, my little maid, by clicking here.

I actually quite like a version used mainly in Scotland where the white bands of the St Andrew's Cross overlays St George's. It's quite beautiful. I especially like the way the red stripes become something resembling an arrow.

Other flags of note using red, white and blue are the French and USA flags. Busy or minimalist, they are beautiful. It is not patriotism which fills my heart with a warm sigh on seeing these flags, although they share the colours of my own as I am neither French nor American. I simply see immense beauty in the colours themselves and their combination.

I see such fabulousness in many flags, though, my lamb, from all around the world. Which ones are your favourites?


Moncrief Speaks said...

I quite like Nepal's flag.

For all the sentiment it inspires in some people, I think the American flag is kind of bland-looking.

Bill S. said...

I like Brazil's flag, myself. It makes me feel happy. I like the stellar globe in the middle of it.

Lex Ham Rand said...

WAAAAA! Your BLOG! All newly designed and everything!

I did wonder if I was in the right place, but after a little scrolling around I was relieved to find that it was indeed Minge's fair blog, with links and posts intact.

I have always liked the state flag for South Carolina here in the US.

I'm not such a big fan of the PLACE, but the FLAG is wonderful (reminds me of sitting on the beach at night.)

Conortje said...

It certainly stamps all over the Irish flag in the design stakes. I have been writing to the taoiseach for years try to propose a cute little pink star-shaped number but they're not having any of it. plebs.

Minge said...

I love Nepal's flag, too, Brett. It's shape is wonderful and, again, the colours are divine. Red, white and blue!

Bill, I like Brazil's flag, too, though I feel sorry for anyone who wants to draw it, freehand.

Rand, the South Carolina flag is indeed, fabulous. Thanks for sharing. Love the tree. It's quite camp. But also a tad Islamic. Curious!

Conortje, I really like the Irish flag. The colour combination is very moderne. It flies in the face of convention in my tiny mind. J'adore signs of rebellion.

Enda P said...

Who, dear? Me, dear? Patriotic, dear? Yes, dear.

I'll let you know how the former colony of Hong Kong is getting on 10 years on when I go there tomorrow (brag brag ha ha!). I'm sure it's gone to hell!

Minge said...

Would you like a bag with that, dear?

Enda P said...

Ooh, a little diamante-encrusted number to go with my strappy top, purlease!