Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Sugar's sweet, but your kisses can't be beat. Whatever you've got, it's good enough for me, dear reader. Boys say (they say) I'm good enough to eat. Manger. Whatever you want, you've got, because you've knocked me off my feet, my lamb.

I'm hungry for your sweet love. I need you here tonight. I'm crazy, I'm burning up.

I can't help it. I'm captivated by your honey, dear reader.

You've tasted honey, you've had the rest. Well here I am, come on and try the best. No chance! Won't let you get away, no way. Whatever you need from me, I'm going to let you get your way, bird.

I'm waiting, can't get enough! So move your body close. I need you, I won't give up.

I can't help it.


Conortje said...

Minge me boy - you are so Guilty! Guilty of love in the first degree.

Minge said...


Sugar's sweet, but your kisses can't be beat!

David said...

didn't you just love them singing "Manger"

Lost Boy said...

I bought that song on 'gatefold' 7". Remember gatefold sleeves? The b-side was called 'Ecstacy' (sic) and was very weird.

Minge said...

Manger! Yes!

I do remember gatefold sleeves, had a few in my time. I had I can't help it on 12". I loved it. Ecstacy was inded weird.