Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Strangely, many Americans still believe having a gun will keep them safe, dear reader.

And in our current blame culture, survivors of the USA's latest mass shooting are now implicating the authorities who were out to save them. People who arm themselves with guns cannot blame gunmen
or guns for deaths as they then involve themselves. And in a coutry where having a gun is seen as normal, this could account for more people than it does not. Instead, they seek to divert attention to the heroes who save them.

Guns do not protect, they kill.


Krafty Bitch said...

This incident took place only about an hour's drive from my parents. Fortunately, those that I know how attend VA Tech are okay.

Interestingly enough, a bill was thankfully just defeated in the Virginia legislature that would have allowed students, faculty, and staff to carry concealed weapons onto campuses with a permit. Such permits are legal in Virginia.

Krafty Bitch said...

sorry, that should be who attend, not how attend

zona boy said...

that's pretty well put Minge

matty said...

Another reason I should leave the US.

Of course I grew up in Texas. My scary father sold guns. I was required to sell them for a while and had to learn to dismantle them. I can tell you -- I sold guns to some really scary people. And, I -- unlike my father at that time -- did it by the rules. ...but the rules are stupid.

Did you notice how our "president" managed to promote and protect the NRA as he commented on the tragedy.

I have to tell you, as well. That I worry for some sort of sick racial issue cropping up in the red states over this.

Sad stuff.

Make Your Own Kind Of Music said...

This was a great post! I live not 20 miles from where all this took place. It's great to hear a non-American viewpoint!