Friday, April 13, 2007


You know, dear reader, how j'adore lists. And you'll also know I haven't made one in ages. So here goes. My Bent top 10.
  1. Comin' back
  2. So long without you
  3. Leavin' me
  4. Cylons in love
  5. Irritating noises
  6. Swollen
  7. Magic love
  8. Exercise 7
  9. I can't believe it's over
  10. Private road
Comin' back is so triumphal. I think it's about pride, letting go of that sin. It makes me feel something inside, verging on euphoria.

So long without you is a ménage à trois between two Billie Jo Spears songs and some overdubs by Bent. It works really well and sounds like an original recording. I love to sing along to this when walking the dogs. I have to be careful though. Sometimes people creep up from behind me. I don't hear them coming with my iPod on and they catch me singing. Badly.

Leavin' me is pure disco. I've just managed to download the original work which they've sampled here, it's a beautiful, pretty country song. Bidin' my time (by Anne Murray) and Leavin' me are quite different. I really like the original and I've only heard it twice so far... If I'd made this list yesterday, Leavin' me would have been number one. The reason it's slipped to number three is because I played it over and over yesterday. Although I'm not sick of it, it has had some bearing on the chart.

Cylons in love is magical. I will say no more than that. Well, I will. It's bizarre, amazing a quirky. I like quirky. I saw quirky spelled kwerky today, interestingly. You see, dear reader, there are worse spellers out there than Minge.

Irritating noises tells a story and inspired Shane and I to write Cake me in vomit.

Swollen expresses love and beauty, simply, sweetly with the most amazing lyrics and gorgeous music. You'll love it as much as me, dear reader.

Magic love, indeed, is magic. Captain and Tennille meet Tolliday and Mills. Leila Bryan, a lady I used to work with, loved Captain and Tennille, just as much as me. This song reminds me of her. She was and still is a wonderful lady. I think, without exaggeration, she actually saved my life.

Exercise 7 asks us what we'd do if we only had three days to live. For a song about death, it's amazingly up-tempo, almost disco.

I can't believe it's over is, I think, about unrequited love.

Private road is a song full of euphemism and metaphor. My heart, for now, is a private road. No thoroughfare, no heavy load.

Click here, dear reader, if you'd like to read the complete Bent lyrics and here for the official website.


Salty Sailor said...

i like "comin' back"

Minge said...


matty said...

I do so love the Captain & Tennille --- I have created my own C&T playlist for my iPod. I think I might have had it up too loud this morning.

...was getting looks.

(or maybe that was because I was dancing and singing about Disney Girls)

never quite sure what might throw people off course, ya know?

Salty Sailor said...

I had sex last night.

With another person, for a change.

Enda P said...

Great entry!

I rather adore Bent too. My top 5 would be Comin' Back, So Long Without You, Magic Love, Always, I love My Man.

Ariels is their best, but Intercept! is beginning to grow on me.

Thanks for the Anne Murray track!

Patricia said...

You stated that you had been able to download the original "Just Bidin my Time" by Anne Murray. When I clicked on your link, it had expired. Can you tell me from where you downloaded it? Thanks.