Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Gestern, im bilder...

I went into the city for my monthly oral check-up. I have to go back to the hospital today or tomorrow. The Doctor who treats me would like me to have a second opinion. So I'm nervous, fractious and scared for the next forty eight hours.

On arriving, I saw a woman waiting for a bus. She wore training shoes with gold detail. Seeing a ninety year old woman wearing trainers is one thing, but ones with gold detail is another! The rest of her outfit was extremely well coordinated, including a baby blue bag for contrast.

From the hospital, I took a walk along Princes Street, finding a bin on fire.

A couple of CDs were purchased in Virgin. Hailing from the westcountry, I was unashamedly drawn to a Wurzels single. The first track features Tony Blackburn, so I'll ignore it, but track two, Combine Harvester, is a delightful reminder of my boyhood. I've played it a few times since yesterday and sung along.

I bought a funky egg timer in Frasers, then popped to the top floor for a coffee and a slice of trashy lemon meringue pie. J'adored it.

Then it was time to take the bus home, enjoying the blossom in the city as I made my way to Lothian Road.

I'd only been home for a couple of hours when Ian returned home from work. We didn't hang around the house, but went immediately for a walk with the dogs across The Meadows and Bruntsfield Links, stopping for chips on the way. Mine came with white pudding, Ian had breaded scampi.

When in a state of melancholy, the filling of the mind with anything but the matters at hand is a good idea, dear reader, at least until one has mustered the strength to cope.


China Blue said...

Great photoblog as usual, Minge. The last paragraph has stuck with me - 'tis very, very true.

I haven't had my monthly oral in quite some time.

Andrea said...

Its so pretty there right now. Lots of beautiful distraction.


Lewis said...

I can't think of what I'd like most:
1. Your amazingly wonderful photo blog entries
2. An expenses-paid trip to the see it in person

Minge said...

China, you are a one!

Distraction is good, Andrea!

If I had the money, Lewis, I'd send it to you.

matty said...

I'm not sure I know what monthly orals are.

I hope everything is OK.

sending you a hug from GayTown,

Minge said...

Thanks, Matty. Don't worry about the orals!

Salty Sailor said...

hope you're okay x