Wednesday, April 11, 2007



When a UK-wide general election is taking place, one expects the election coverage to take centre stage in the national news and it usually does.

When English council elections take place, the national news usually features English council elections stories. Sadly, the Scottish parliamentary and Welsh Assembly elections don't seem to get a mention. Worse than that, this evening, coverage of the election to the Scottish Parliament only began five minutes into Reporting Scotland and after the first of the two sports reports.

Obviously, someone in an editorial position is obsessed with sport and isn't all that bothered about the future of Scotland. I feel I can speak for the majority here and say that sports stories are not more important than the way Scotland is governed and/or by whom.

A word of congratulation, though, in finally airing the Weakest Link Doctor Who Special. Better late than never.

I see, though, that because of the English FA cup semi-final, Doctor Who might be postponed for seven days. This is totally unacceptable. I pay my TV licence fee as much as any football fan. Doctor Who has been advertised as being shown on Saturday at 19:40 for over a week. I will and do insist on getting what I've paid for. As no-one in Scotland will particularly care which way the Watford v Manchester Utd game goes, could you not agree to show Doctor Who north of the border regardless to events taking place in England?

Thanks, awfully -



Alan said...

Wasn't is sad when they voted the Dr as the weakest link?

carioca said...

I'm back. I was out for some days because of some... fucking problems in my PC. But now it's OK.
Oh! I liked the new look of your blog!

Brian said...

Let this be a lesson: Do NOT piss off Minge.

Minge said...

Alan, it was sad. Good show, though!

Glad you're back, Carioca!

Brian, indeed.