Friday, March 23, 2007


J'adore this, but not this, sadly. I feel cheated.

One other thing, my gripe of the day:

There are still idiotic people running around on the planet today who do not know how or when to use an apostrophe. And others who don't know the difference between there, they're and their. I'm sickened to my stomach, dear reader.

What can be done? May I suggest using my trusty bag of hammers?


Anonymous said...

Minge, hammers are the only way. The misuse of apostrophes and paople not knowing that 'they're there at their place' makes me sad.

matty said...

I think I find it more unsettling when people find the need to raise there hands up to indicated quotation marks.

I think they should be punished.

They're actions annoy me.

But, their nice people sometimes.

(hey, what's that sound creeping up behind me?!?!?!?)

Lewis said...

Remember, dear, some of us were raised in the hinterlands of this world....we didn't know them from they from theyare to you or youns.....(don't ask). But one of the most common around here is "There's a bunch of grapes in the refrigerator" when it should be "There are....." Drives me nuts too. And I don't even know if there are, indeed, grapes in the refrigerator.

Kapitano said...

Lewis has run into the perennial problem of whether to use singular or plural ostensive pronouns when referring to collective nouns.

The first two things you learn when studying linguistics (and indeed languages) are

(1) Sometimes the rules in grammar books just don't cover things you need to say in real life. Different people cope with the gaps with different word forms.

(2) Anyone who thinks it's vitally important to say "whom" after a dative proposition doesn't grasp that English doesn't have a dative in the same way Latin does.

In other words, languages are idiosyncratic, and pedants tend to be ignorant.

.25 crisis kid said...

well! Aren't we grammar police!

Minge said...


Just a Girl said...

Your being to picky.
You're brain needs too rest. Alot.