Thursday, March 15, 2007


Tomorrow, dear reader, is Red Nose Day. Although most of it is vile and annoying, it's a fabulous way to raise awareness of various heart-breaking topics and get people to shell out their cash on something or someone who deserves it. Tomorrow, my little maid, instead of spending money on Revels and Vimto, I shall donate to Comic Relief.

I'd like to invite you, my lamb, to do the same. Click here. Go on. You know you want to.

I'd buy the official RND single, but it's shit, so I won't. I have bought them in the past, though. The first one I ever purchased was Help! by Bananarama and Lananeeneenoonoo. If the extended version is funny, Love in the factory is hilarious.

So, go on, my love, give some money to people who need it. Let's face it, you don't. You'd only spend it on porno magazines, wouldn't you, and they're so 1980s, it isn't true.


Brian said...

What's vile and annoying about it? I've usually enjoyed the bits and pieces I've seen from it. CURSE OF THE FATAL DEATH was brilliant.

Minge said...

The local TV presenters and the people who try to hard. I just can't stand it.

Anjou Wu said...

The song this year is dreadful, you're right. One positive thing is that Nadine looks so fierce these day! That girl knows how to shine.

Salty Sailor said...

I love watching comic relief. All the great comedy actors get together and do great sketches. It's fab.

I just wish they wouldn't show the starving kids in order to make my heart bleed. "I'M NOT FUCKING TEXTING ANY MONEY, I ALREADY PAY MY TV LICENSE".


Salty Sailor said...

Ooooh, I'm such a nasty bitter vile little queen, I am.