Thursday, March 29, 2007


Lord above us! Last night, I decided to have a look at Statcounter to see who had been looking at my blog, what they were looking for and how they got there.

I was appalled!

It seems that the human race is obsessed with sexual deviation! No, really! Readers were enquiring about John Barrowman and his penis, more keenly, asking if it's circumcised or not. Also, lesbians from Cumnock, Minge, Gaydar opening a bar on Frith Street and a general enquiry about a woman paying her nephew to do unspeakable things to her genitals!

Exciting! Nice to indulge in incest.

Is nothing sacred?


Just a Girl said...

Bunch of dirty birds!

Anonymous said...

That's rank. Eurgh!

Old Cheeser said...

And apparently Beverley Craven is a regular checker of your blog?