Monday, March 19, 2007


Ian went to a factory in Eyemouth today where peas are frozen. I tagged along for the ride. While Ian investigated said factory, I had a look around the town.

The storm at sea and extremely high tide fascinated me, as it did many other people. I must have been joined by at least a dozen other people throughout the hour I spent there, cameras in hand.

Click here, dear reader, to have a look at the wee movie I made on my mobile telephone. The cruel sea.

I've walked along the beach at Eyemouth many times before. Imagine, if I'd been on the sands today, I'd have had two metres of sea water above my head. Thank goodness I wasn't.

Of course, Eyemouth has seen many storms before, the worst being Black Friday. Click here to read all about it.

From Eyemouth, we went on to Duns to see Ian's Aunty June. She's a lovely lady, fabulous. She gave us a bowl of soup and two cups of tea. There were lots of pictures of Dorothy around the place. Dorothy was Ian's Mum, June's sister. June and Dorothy were very close. I felt quie sad on leaving Duns today and thought about my own sister, Christine.

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