Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Mum found this old coach card of mine while I was staying with her in Bournemouth, last week.

I'd have been twenty two years old when that photograph was taken. Although I've always appeared to be older than my real age, I can say, hand on heart, that the past few years have really taken their toll on Minge. Looking at that old coach card makes me feel ancient and obese.

I plan to do something about it.

Short of having a time machine and the hundreds of millions of pounds it would take for all the necessary surgery, I plan to return to yoga and stop eating all the rubbish I constantly throw down my throat. I'm not going to turn into a heath queen or gym bunny, though, no. I intend to keep it real. But I am going to turn into someone who has a little more self respect than he did a few months back.

I've had time, recently, to think about many aspects of my life. Although it's a cliché, it's quite true: without your health, you've got nothing, dear reader. I thought I had nothing. Now, I'm quite hopeful I have everything. I don't plan on letting any of it go any time during the foreseeable future.


Anjou Wu said...

Good for you, and good luck! I've actually put on weight* despite my ongoing health kick and exercise regimen.

(*I'm lying to myself and saying that it's all muscle.)

Anjou Wu said...

Er, sorry for the double comment, but you looked adorable at 22 and you still do at 42!

(ha ha ha, no really, you don't look old for your age...it's all in your head.)

matty said...

Minge -- I've seen your picture. You're quite handsome/hot and in shape!

Stop knocking yourself, sexy boy!

own it! work it!

Maybe you and yours need to return to La Cock!

And, I agree --- health is everything. ...and love. You have both!

Minge said...

Anjou, I'm trying to remember that age is just a number. I just wish it were a lower one.

Muscle weighs heavier than fat. There's no fat in my dick. That's why I'm so overweight.


Handsome? Hot? In shape? In my dreams!

gab said...

you look better now!