Friday, March 16, 2007


Europe's largest conveyor belt, going from Kirkconnel to Cumnock is to be launched. Hurrah!

This story would be very dull were it not for the fact that Cumnock is featured. The town is full of Cumnockers. Yes, Cumnockers. And that's fabulous.

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Salty Sailor said...

My GAWD, hen, you've been busy since you got back! I got my fucking phone cut off by those BT bastards, who never even told my I owed them £167. Cunts! I even had the priviledge of paying them an extra £30 to re-connect me. I feel a letter to my local councillor coming on.

Having said all that, I'm now on dial-up at half a pence per minute until Orange can get my free broadband re-activitated. Which means this message has cost me over 8 1/2 pence. And I'm looking for recompence via paypal.