Thursday, March 15, 2007


My Mother and her friend Pat arrived from Bournemouth this evening. They came with Pat's daughter, Mandy and her husband on the aeroplane from Bournemouth Airport, landed at Glasgow - Prestwick Airport and took a hire car across to Edinburgh. They were all tired and had the rats.

I cheered Mum and Pat up with mince and tatties and a big portion of Dorset apple cake which I made this afternoon. Food always brings a smile to Mummy's face.

We're hoping to see Mandy's son, Nick, in Fame - The Musical tomorrow evening. Sadly, he's really ill with a chest infection. Looks like we'll miss out.

C'est la vie, dear reader.

Still, we'll excite ourselves with a trip to see The Royal Yacht Britannia tomorrow. I'm quite eager to see where the Queen did a piddle. The word on the street, though, my little maid, is that the Queen has never and will never say piddle. No. She says slash.


Lewis said...

You know, I think that even I would pull over to watch a queen take a piddle.....Yes, I'm pretty sure I would.

matty said...

does the queen really piddle? that because she had tea with helen mirren?!?!? ...I knew no good would come of that meeting!

A Novelist said...

Your mum looks so sweet. Hope you had a fun visit! :)

Kapitano said...

That's quite a lap dog.

.25 crisis kid said...

I LOVE that photography of the dog on the lap! PERFECT!

Salty Sailor said...

omfg....... i can hardly type for laughing at that pic of your mum in her orthopaedic chair with a gigantic dog squashing her..... bless ya! x