Tuesday, March 27, 2007


It seems I missed out on a rare treat this morning. I was contacted by reader Lee Darby who informed me that while I was sound asleep, the delicious Chris Hollins was featured on BBC Breakfast News wearing a skimpy lycra cycling outfit, leaving not much to the imagination.

I checked out what had been going on by clicking my way onto the BBC Breakfast News website. There's a little bit of info on Chris' meeting with some cyclist. Bleary-eyed, I first thought he'd been cycling with Victoria Beckham. Sadly (or thankfully?) it was not, but someone called Victoria Pendleton. She's a lucky bitch. I bet she had to scrape herself off of the saddle after chatting with Chris in his dreamily exposing get-up.

I sent an email to the show asking if they've uploaded the footage anywhere. I've not had a reply. I don't suppose I ever will.

He might not be in lycra, but you can see Chris
on the job, so to speak, by clicking here. Warning: the word climax is used.


gab said...

do u love him?

Minge said...

He's adorable!

matty said...

Bill Turnbill is kind of cute, I guess. A sort of cute.

what is it these men do on cycles?

matty said...

oh, wait. is this a sport thing?

Moncrief Speaks said...

He is SO my type.

Minge said...

These men are wild BBC reporters, Matty!

Get in there, Moncrief. Remember to take your camcorder so you can share with the rest of us.