Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Whatever happened to Spagna?

Click here to find out, dear reader, and here to see a short edit of her classic hit Call me. Oh, but before you do all that, learn Italian! Go on, you know you want to.

J'adore Spagna. The late 1980s were made so much better by her presence. I was lucky enough to receive a Walkman for my birthday in 1987 and constantly played cassettes on it during my twenty minute walk to school every day until I left in 1988. I recorded Call me from the radio and was gutted when I'd worn the tape out after repeated playing and rewinding of the two songs recorded back to back, Call me and What have I done to deserve this? by Pet Shop Boys and Dusty Springfield.

My Spagna top 10:
  1. Call me
  2. Easy lady
  3. Lady Madonna
  4. I always dream about you
  5. Don't go away tonight
  6. Love at first sight
  7. Why me?*
  8. I wanna be your wife
  9. Every girl and boy
  10. This generation
*I like the way she sings, "Four o'clock in the night," when, if English were her first language, she'd have sung, "Four o'clock in the morning."


Lost Boy said...

'Call Me' is one of my most favourite Europop '80s tracks ever. I loved it when she was in 'Smash Hits' totally misunderstanding their references to her 'frightwig'.

Old Cheeser said...

She actually looks better now than she did then!! (On her website anyway - wonder if she's had surgery - miaow).

I didn't realise she'd done so many other tracks!! Well done Minge. Might have to investigate potential downloads via the net...

And I think the term "frightwig" was invented for her.

Lost Boy said...

It was indeed!