Thursday, March 29, 2007


You've got to laugh, dear reader.

I've just been searching for pictures of Heather Mills-McCartney for my Leggy! post. I came upon this, a scan of the UK's most read newspaper, The Sun.

This newspaper, the moral voice of the people, standing up for the decent folk of this country, exposes Heather for doing the nasty on film. Dreadful! Tsk! Boo!

Turn to page three of the Sun and one can see a nice lady with her Möpse out. Further on in the publication, one can find adverts for pornography and telephone-sex-lines.

Hypocrite, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct, Minge. It's perfectly OK for someone to get their baps out... unless the Sun doesn't like them, in which case it's depraved filth. I feel sorry for anyone who takes anything written in that toilet paper seriously.

Em's way said...

Don't you just love that piece of C**p ! The media in this country has far too much of an influence in my opinion, sadly too many people DO take everything they read as gosple :(

Emma ( who is bored without updates on Dan's blog so is looking at all the blogs he is missing out on !!)

Moncrief Speaks said...

At least British people still read daily newspapers in large numbers.